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India Blockchain Tour


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5th August, 2023


3:30 to 6:30

Venue: Watson's, No.90, Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Rd, near Jeeva Park, Parthasarathi Puram, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

What is IBT?

Network with the industry’s brightest minds in a city near you! The India Blockchain Tour (IBT) is a series of events dedicated to exploring the potential of blockchain technology in India, bringing crypto enthusiasts, experts, investors, and entrepreneurs together to discuss the latest developments and opportunities in the digital assets space.

There’s tremendous potential for growth in the blockchain industry, and with BitGet on board as the official sponsor, IBT is poised to be a game-changing event, fostering India’s Web3 communities, and accelerating the industry’s growth across the nation.

Why Choose Chennai

You haven’t really been to Chennai if you haven’t shot down balloons at Marina Beach. And you haven’t met all of India’s crypto community unless you’ve been to Chennai.

The most ‘South Indian’ South-Indian city, Chennai is known for much more than idlis that melt in your mouth, and sambar that soothes your soul. As one of India’s most prominent cultural, educational, and economic forces, Chennai’s crypto community needs no primers – they know what they’re talking about.

About bitget

We are thrilled to announce Bitget as the official title sponsor for the India Blockchain Tour! With 8 million+ users in over 100 countries, Bitget is world's largest crypto copy-trading exchange. Their commitment and efforts towards accelerating crypto's mass adoption with social trading aligns perfectly with our mission to encourage innovation in the crypto space. We can't wait to see what the future holds with Bitget by our side!

Meet The Speakers

Sruthi Manthena

Graph Advocate

A Graph Advocate with a deep-rooted passion for Computation and Mathematics. Sruthi is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at Mahindra University Hyderabad. Her journey in blockchain began with a cryptography course, and since then, she has evolved into a skilled developer specializing in DeFi and dApps that actively encourages WEB3 adoption.

Aravinth Yohan

Marketing Manager - India, CoinEx

Aravinth has been working with CoinEx as a Marketing Manager since 2020, and has conducted a host of online and offline events for them. He has 5 years of experience as a crypto YouTuber, and 7 years of experience in crypto trading and investing.

Rohit Mohan

Founder and CEO of NC Global Media

Rohit Mohan is the founder & CEO of the blockchain-centric media duo — NC Global Media and TheNewsCrypto. Rohit is a seasoned marketing advisor with 6+ years of experience in global marketing, and business development in the blockchain and crypto industry. From being a mechanical engineering graduate who has been an avid spectator of the crypto industry since 2018, he went on to establish the crypto media startup in 2020. Through various initiatives, he has highlighted his mission of simplifying every jargon of crypto and blockchain for the global audience

Anupam Varshney

Founder of Octaloop

Anupam Varshney is the founder of Octaloop, one of India’s most established Web3 marketing agencies. His crypto journey started when he bought Bitcoin from an anonymous Reddit user in 2013. After hosting a few meetups in Delhi, he started Octaloop to spread awareness of crypto in India, starting a small blockchain community in Delhi that has grown to tens of thousands of members over the years. He’s also the founder of Binamite, a platform that simplifies international payments using blockchain.

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03:00 – 03:30pm IST

Event Commences

Registration & welcome note
03:30 – 04:00pm IST

Speaker session:

Sruthi Manthena (Graph Advocate, Graph Advocates DAO)
  • Q & A with Sruthi
04:00 – 04:15pm IST

About Bitget

Bitget Quiz
04:15 – 04:45pm IST

Speaker session:

Aravinth Yohan (CoinEx, Marketing Manager - India)
  • Q & A with Aravinth
  • CoinEx Quiz
04:45 – 05:15pm IST

Speaker session:

Anupam Varshney (Founder, Binamite)
  • Q & A with Anupam
05:15 – 05:30pm IST

About Near

Near Quiz
05:30 – 05:45pm IST

Speaker session:

Rohit Mohan (Founder and CEO of NC Global Media)
  • Q & A with Rohit
05:45 – 06:30pm IST

Event Concludes

Networking and refreshments

Who Is It For?

Crypto Professionals/ Enthusiasts

  • Meet decision makers and project owners
  • Network with investors, marketers, influencers, etc.
  • Onboard developers and adopters
  • Learn about new advancements in the space


  • Onboard investors and top-notch advisors
  • Receive global coverage from top tech-bloggers, media houses and journalists
  • Find potential collaboration opportunities by engaging with world-class contractors
  • Be a part of the digital revolution


  • Meet founders, future-tech investors and get in-depth insights for investments
  • Explore investment opportunities in global future-tech companies
  • Exchange market views and investment ideas with peer


  • Leverage interesting 'Content' from the event to further the reach of your media presence
  • Meet global leaders who are making waves in their respective fields of expertise
  • Find supporters and thought leaders
  • Engage with government leaders and policymakers to understand the local regulatory landscape

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