India’s Biggest Crypto Gala

Metamorphosis Event Series

Bringing cutting-edge blockchain and web 3.0 stakeholders, together since 2016. The Indian tech gala is flying to Dubai in 2023.


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About Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is a conclave, exhibition, arcade, and a party, depending on the time and the room you’re in. All of them have one thing in common though; we are about blockchain, web3, and everything that can be done with it.

Having kept pace with finance, metaverse, regulations, markets and marketing in the space; the dual MM'23 at Dubai and Bengaluru is set to push these boundaries further.

Metamorphosis Speakers

Carl Runefelt

Founder of The Moon Group

Ran Neuner

Founder & Host, CryptoBanter

Oliver Wolff

Co-Founder and CEO Helicon Ventures

Vilma Mattila

Co-founder Un1ty Ventures

Mario Nawfal

Founder and CEO IBC Group

Paula Tavangar

Investment Principal SwissBorg Ventures

Rupert Breheny

Emerging Technology Advisor, Google

Matthias Mende

Founder & CEOBonuz Market

Dr Jane Thomason

Interim Chair, World Metaverse Council

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Who Is It For?


  • Draft new rules & policies
  • Workflow automation to render cost-efficient public sector services
  • Find supporters and thought leaders
  • Reduce and optimize costs for public sector transformation


  • Onboard investors and top-notch advisors
  • Receive global coverage from top tech-bloggers, media houses and journalists
  • Find potential collaboration opportunities by engaging with world-class contractors
  • Be a part of the digital revolution


  • Meet founders, future-tech investors and get in-depth insights for investments
  • Explore investment opportunities in global future-tech companies
  • Exchange market views and investment ideas with peer


  • Leverage interesting 'Content' from the event to further the reach of your media presence
  • Meet global leaders who are making waves in their respective fields of expertise
  • Find supporters and thought leaders
  • Engage with government leaders and policymakers to understand the local regulatory landscape

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